Care for your Clyde!

We just caught up with this year’s Clyde in the Classroom competition winners at Newark Primary on their last day of term. Well done to P4/5 and of course to Emma who designed the winning eco bag. With over 600 entries it was a tough decision but we loved Emma’s ‘Care for your Clyde’ design!

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Competition time!

Clyde in the Classroom 2015 has almost come to a close, but we’d like to take this opportunity to invite the participating pupils to take part in our Clyde in the Classroom competition. This year we would like pupils to design an image for a Clyde River Foundation reusable eco bag . The winning design will be printed on a bag for each member of the class – please see the flyer below for full details!

FAO Teachers: Press coverage

We are now at the stage where some of our classes are ready to release their fish! If you would like to arrange press coverage of your Clyde in the Classroom project, through your local newspaper for example, then feel free to download our press release template from the Teacher Information Page, stored under the ‘Teacher’s Information Pack’ pack. You can either send the release with your own photos to your local press contact or arrange in advance for a photographer to come along on the day.

Weekly visits

You can find when we will be visiting your school by looking at the weekly visits page, click on this link and it will take you straight there. You will find it in the teachers information page under project stages. These days will not be in use for the week beginning the 9th February due to the February holiday but will be in place for the following week.If you have any questions give us a call.

Hatcheries and holidays

This weekend the pupils are on holiday for the February break and we have had a lot of calls concerning the welfare of the trout over the break. Please do not worry, the key point to remember is when you return to school on Wednesday please take the whole morning to bring the temperature down so as not to shock you fish. 

As a result of the holiday we will out in force on Wednesday so if you have any concerns or are presented with a problem on your return please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0141 330 5080.

Have a great February break.

Kidblog update

The Clyde in the Classroom blogs have now been set up and the login information has been emailed to the school contact for the project. If you would like a blog but haven’t let us know yet, please contact Gemma on Thanks!

CITC Launch info: dates, times and buses

Please find below an updated table of information for the Clyde in the Classroom 2015 launch days. We are very much looking forward to welcoming your class to the project at Glasgow Science Centre in the coming weeks!

School NameLocal AuthorityStageLaunch DateGroupPick up time from schoolBus Company for GSC
AitkenheadNorth LanarkshireP6Thursday 15th JanuaryC09.45Fairline
All SaintsInverclydeP6Wednesday 14th JanuaryD09.15*CM Coaches
Annette StreetGlasgowP7Wednesday 21st JanuaryD10.10Allander Travel
AntonineGlasgowP4Thursday 15th JanuaryE10.30Allander Travel
ArdgowanInverclydeP6/5Thursday 15th JanuaryC09.20*CM Coaches
BaljaffrayEast DunbartonshireP4aFriday 16th JanuaryA09.15Allander Travel
BaljaffrayEast DunbartonshireP4bFriday 16th JanuaryA09.15Allander Travel
BalmallochNorth LanarkshireP6Thursday 15th JanuaryB10.00LA Travel
BankheadGlasgowP6Wednesday 14th JanuaryB10.00*Allander Travel
BantonNorth LanarkshireP 4/5/6Thursday 15th JanuaryB09.50*LA Travel
BargeddieNorth LanarkshireP5/6Thursday 22nd JanuaryD10.10Fairline
BlackwoodSouth LanarkshireP5Wednesday 21st JanuaryE09.30Photoflash
Bridge of WeirRenfrewshireP6bThursday 15th JanuaryA09.15Southern Coaches
Bridge of WeirRenfrewshireP6aThursday 15th JanuaryA09.15Southern Coaches
CalderbridgeNorth LanarkshireP6Friday 16th JanuaryDTBCPhotoflash
CalderwoodSouth LanarkshireP5Wednesday 21st JanuaryA09.30Fairline
ChrystonNorth LanarkshireP4/5Friday 16th JanuaryC10.00LA Travel
CloberEast DunbartonshireP4Wednesday 14th JanuaryE10.30Allander Travel
CroftfootGlasgowP6/5Friday 16th JanuaryB10.10Silver Fox
CroftfootGlasgowP6Friday 16th JanuaryE10.40H & S Travel
CroftfootGlasgowP5Friday 16th JanuaryE10.40H & S Travel
CrookfurEast RenfrewshireP4Wednesday 21st JanuaryB10.10Silver Fox
DalmarnockGlasgowP6Wednesday 21st JanuaryA09.30Silver Fox
DunardGlasgowP6Friday 23rd JanuaryB10.00*Allander Travel
ElmvaleGlasgowP6/5Friday 23rd JanuaryB09.45*Allander Travel
GarscaddenGlasgowP6Wednesday 14th JanuaryD09.50*Allander Travel
GlenleeSouth LanarkshireP4Wednesday 21st JanuaryB10.00Silver Choice
GolfhillNorth LanarkshireP7Friday 23rd JanuaryA09.30Fairline
HarestanesEast DunbartonshireP7Thursday 15th JanuaryB09.40*Allander Travel
Holy FamilyNorth LanarkshireP5Friday 23rd JanuaryDTBCPhotoflash
HutchesonsGlasgowP5bThursday 15th JanuaryD10.15Silver Fox
HutchesonsGlasgowP5aThursday 15th JanuaryD10.15Silver Fox
InchinnanRenfrewshireP5/6Friday 16th JanuaryD09.50H & S Travel
John Paul IINorth LanarkshireP4BThursday 22nd JanuaryA09.20Fairline
John Paul IINorth LanarkshireP4AThursday 22nd JanuaryA09.20Fairline
KillermontEast DunbartonshireP6Friday 23rd JanuaryE10.30Allander Travel
KilsythNorth LanarkshireP6Thursday 15th JanuaryE10.30LA Travel
KirkfieldbankSouth LanarkshireP5-7Wednesday 14th JanuaryC9.20Photoflash
KirkhillRenfrewshireP5bThursday 22nd JanuaryB10.10Southern Coaches
LairdslandEast DunbartonshireP5/6Thursday 15th JanuaryB09.55*Allander Travel
Lenzie MossEast DunbartonshireP5Friday 16th JanuaryA09.10Allander Travel
MachanhillSouth LanarkshireP 6/7Friday 16th JanuaryD09.50H & S Travel
MillersneukEast DunbartonshireP5Friday 23rd JanuaryE10.40LA Travel
MorningsideNorth LanarkshireP6Thursday 15th JanuaryA09.10H & S Travel
MossendNorth LanarkshireP6Friday 23rd JanuaryD09.10Photoflash
MossneukSouth LanarkshireP6Thursday 15th JanuaryD10.00Silver Choice
MossvaleRenfrewshireP4Friday 16th JanuaryD10.05H & S Travel
Mount VernonGlasgowP5Wednesday 14th JanuaryD10.00Southern Coaches
NeilstonEast RenfrewshireP5Thursday 22nd JanuaryE10.30Southern Coaches
NewarkInverclydeP4/5Thursday 15th JanuaryA09.00CM Coaches
NewarthillNorth LanarkshireP7Friday 16th JanuaryB10.00Esbee
OakgroveGlasgowP6Thursday 22nd JanuaryC10.00Allander Travel
Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral Primary & Firpark SchoolNorth LanarkshireFriday 23rd JanuaryA09.15H & S Travel
Pirie ParkGlasgowP5AThursday 22nd JanuaryB10.10Allander Travel
Pirie ParkGlasgowP5BThursday 22nd JanuaryB10.10Allander Travel
RiversideGlasgowP6Friday 23rd JanuaryB10.30Silver Fox
Sanderson HighSouth LanarkshireS1Wednesday 21st JanuaryD09.45Parks of Hamilton
SaracenGlasgowP4Friday 23rd JanuaryD10.10*LA Travel
Springhill and AuchenbackEast RenfrewshireP5Wednesday 21st JanuaryE10.40Silver Fox
St AidansNorth LanarkshireP4Friday 23rd JanuaryE10.20H & S Travel
St AndrewsInverclydeP 6/7Thursday 15th JanuaryC09.00*CM Coaches
St AnthonysSouth LanarkshireP6Wednesday 21st JanuaryD9.10Photoflash
St BlanesSouth LanarkshireP6Thursday 22nd JanuaryE10.30Fairline
St BrendansNorth LanarkshireP4Wednesday 21st JanuaryC09.40H & S Travel
St BridesGlasgowP6Wednesday 14th JanuaryE10.30Allander Travel
St BridesGlasgowP7Wednesday 14th JanuaryE10.30Allander Travel
St BrigidsNorth LanarkshireP5Friday 23rd JanuaryC09.40H & S Travel
St CatherinesRenfrewshireP5Wednesday 14th JanuaryB10.15Silver Fox
St CatherinesRenfrewshireP6Wednesday 14th JanuaryB10.15Silver Fox
St CharlesSouth LanarkshireP5Wednesday 21st JanuaryE10.40Fairline
St ColumbasInverclydeJunior 4WWednesday 21st JanuaryB09.50H & S Travel
St ColumbasInverclydeJunior 4CWednesday 21st JanuaryB09.50H & S Travel
St DominicsNorth LanarkshireP5Thursday 22nd JanuaryC09.45Esbee
St HelensNorth LanarkshireLiving things committeeFriday 16th JanuaryC09.45*LA Travel
St IgnatiusNorth LanarkshireP6Friday 23rd JanuaryC09.30H & S Travel
St JoachimsGlasgowP4/5Wednesday 21st JanuaryC10.00Fairline
St JohnsEast RenfrewshireP6Thursday 22nd JanuaryD10.00*Southern Coaches
St LouiseSouth LanarkshireP4/5Friday 23rd JanuaryC09.40*Silver Choice
St MachansEast DunbartonshireP5/6Wednesday 14th JanuaryB10.00LA Travel
St MarksEast RenfrewshireP6Thursday 22nd JanuaryD09.50*Southern Coaches
St MarksSouth LanarkshireP 4/5Wednesday 21st JanuaryD9.30Photoflash
St MarysInverclydeP7/6Wednesday 14th JanuaryD09.00*CM Coaches
St MarysNorth LanarkshireP7Thursday 22nd JanuaryD09.50Fairline
St MarysSouth LanarkshireP4/5Thursday 22nd JanuaryC09.05Photoflash
St MonicasNorth LanarkshireP6Friday 16th JanuaryE10.40Fairline
St PatricksNorth LanarkshireP6/7Wednesday 14th JanuaryC09.20Photoflash
St PatricksNorth LanarkshireP7Wednesday 21st JanuaryA09.20Fairline
St PaulsSouth LanarkshireP6/7Thursday 22nd JanuaryC09.20Photoflash
St SerfsNorth LanarkshireP5/6Friday 23rd JanuaryA09.15Fairline
St TeresasGlasgowP6Friday 23rd JanuaryD10.10*LA Travel
St VincentsSouth LanarkshireP4/5Friday 23rd JanuaryC09.55Silver Choice
StaneNorth LanarkshireP5/6Wednesday 14th JanuaryC09.30Photoflash
TannochsideNorth LanarkshireP4Thursday 15th JanuaryC09.30Fairline
ThorntreeGlasgowP5Friday 16th JanuaryB10.20Silver Fox
TintoGlasgowP5sFriday 23rd JanuaryB10.05*Silver Fox
UnderbankSouth LanarkshireP5/6Wednesday 14th JanuaryC09.30Photoflash
WellshotGlasgowP6/5Friday 16th JanuaryB10.15*Silver Fox
WhiteinchGlasgowP 4/5Friday 16th JanuaryA09.30Silver Fox
YokerGlasgowP6/5Thursday 15th JanuaryE10.45Silver Fox