Each year, we gather feedback from each participating school and use it to develop and improve the project.

We are constantly looking at way to update the project, as a result of feedback gathered over the years we now deliver all our project content and teaching material on-line. Our aim for this year is enable easier uploading and blogging on the site for pupils.

Year-specific project feedback can be found on our Newsletter page, but here are a few testimonials:

Such a real life, hands-on opportunity with real experts. Not only did we learn about the life cycle of a brown trout, but we tied in pollution, rivers, the Clyde, geography, rivers of Scotland, the uses of a river, temperature and food webs, not to mention ALL the skills for learning, life and work as published by Education Scotland.”
Mrs Noble, Ardgowan Primary School, Greenock

“This project has made a huge impact on all the children in our class.  However, it has made an immeasurable difference to some.  I have one pupil in particular who has a difficult home life and displays very challenging, aggressive behaviour.  This child has managed to totally change their behaviour as a direct result of having the fish.  The child was given special duties which they carried out with care and has managed to continue on the right track since.”
Class Teacher from a Glasgow Primary School

“Clyde in the Classroom has been the highlight of the year for Primary 5 children at Millersneuk for the last 10 years. It truly is an amazing interdisciplinary project which inspires and motivates pupils and staff alike.  The children are captivated as carers of the trout, learning new skills in Social Studies, Science, Numeracy & Mathematics and Health & Wellbeing. This project is Curriculum for Excellence at its best!”   
Head Teacher, Millersneuk Primary

“I found that the guidance from the website and teacher’s pack were very helpful in implementing the project successfully. I was also felt very supported by the group through the weekly visits and communication through email. Willie who visited my class every week was very helpful and supportive.”
Miss Crookes, St Serf’s Primary School, Airdrie

“A great adventure for us. Allowed us to get to know the local area which is part of our curriculum. We all enjoyed the experience. Health and Safety issues were all expertly dealt with.”
Class Teacher, Kirkton Primary

“The amount of responsibility that the pupils had towards the maintainance of the fish brought out a considerable level of maturity from the class.”
Class Teacher, Abronhill Primary

“A memorable experience for children from an inner city school. The pupils will not forget this project. Taught young children responsibility and they excelled themselves.”
Class Teacher, Chirnsyde Primary

“Having single point of contact coming to class developed good relationship with children, they felt comfortable asking questions.”
Class Teacher, Crookfur Primary

“Have done this project for many years. There are benefits for the whole school. Hope to continue next year.”
Class Teacher, Golfhill Primary