UK National Fish Vote – get involved!

Last year the robin won the vote for the UK’s favourite bird. This year the vote is out for our favourite fish! The UK National Fish Survey will find out what our favourite freshwater and saltwater fish species are and it has come at a perfect time for Clyde in the Classroom! The vote has been organised by Jack Perks who kindly donated his video footage of fish for our Clyde in the Classroom presentation. As we wait for the delivery of our eyed eggs, why not take time to participate in this fun vote and learn more about our fishy friends as you go?

Activities you can link to the vote for you class
– Find out more about fish species in the UK
– Find out which fish on the voting lists can be found in the River Clyde?
– Produce written work, videos and presentations to make the case for your top fish!

The Vote
– Choose from 20 freshwater and 20 saltwater species
– Pick your favourites and then decide as a class on your overall favourites (one freshwater and one saltwater; the entry requires an email address so teachers would enter on behalf of the class)
Enter online on the UK National Fish Vote website by March 26th
– You can also make a 1-minute video plea for your choice of fish; we’d really love to see this happen!