Looking after your eggs and fish

These Do’s and Don’ts will help you keep your trout safe and healthy, so that they are ready to face the river when they develop into fry. If you need help don’t forget to ask!


  • Check the water temperature regularly
  • Only add de-chlorinated water
  • Change ice bottles 9.00am and 3pm and as often as required in-between
  • Remove any dead eggs from the tank
  • Always keep the lid on the tank
  • Always wash your hands before and after working with the hatchery. Be careful to make sure all soap is rinsed off your hands so the water is not contaminated


  • Don’t put fresh tap water directly in the tank (tap water must first be dechlorinated by aerating in a bucket for 24 hours)
  • Don’t let the temperature rise above 15ᵒC
  • Don’t feed the fish
  • Don’t let the water level fall below the water filter
  • Don’t remove all of the ice bottles at once
  • Don’t put the air pump in the water
  • Don’t switch off the pumps