Clyde in the Classroom welcomes its 25,000th pupil

The Clyde River Foundation celebrated a major milestone last week as they welcomed the 25,000th pupil to date to the project.

The 17th season of the project was launched in partnership with Glasgow Science Centre between Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th January. 46 classes across 41 Primary Schools across the River Clyde catchment are participating – a total of 1265 children, ranging from P3 to P7.


Pupils at the Clyde in the Classroom 2017 launch at Glasgow Science Centre, Clyde River Foundation.

Clyde in the Classroom started in 2000 with five schools in Glasgow. It is now the Clyde River Foundation’s longest running and largest education project. The project links very well with the Curriculum for Excellence and it enables teachers to deliver many learning outcomes from science and maths to arts and drama.

The project is crowd-funded by the participating schools plus a range of supporters including The Crown Estate Scotland Portfolio (main sponsor), the John Mather Charitable Trust, the WA Cargill Fund and the Cruden Foundation.